Thursday, December 27, 2012

A little something that's been on my mind...

I'm usually the type of person who can roll with just about any situation and not get too involved emotionally when bad things happen to people I don't know. I feel sorry for them and their families when people suffer loss and I've suffered losses myself over the years and I know that people who don't know me have the same feelings. But the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary really got to me. It's a horrible thing when people die. It's even worse when it was a brutal killing. Children dying in a brutal manner is about the worst thing ever imagined, however. The families touched by this horrific incident have no idea yet how their pain is felt all over the country if not the world. I started writing this not too long after it happened but kind of shelved it since I'm not a poet. But after hearing of shootings and random killings on the news constantly it seems anymore, I decided to finish and dedicate it to not only the families of the ones lost at the school, but to anyone who has lost a loved one in such a tragic and heartless way.

As the day begins I start with a sigh,
I stare out the window and I ask, "Why"?
Children laughing, full of innocence,
Now a memory that makes no sense.
Families falling apart at the seams,
from seeing them gone or hearing their screams.
Another senseless tragedy rendered,
On loved ones who were so warm and tender.
As the days go by our hearts will heal,
Our minds will clear & with loneliness, deal.
The faces of those who were lost in a flash,
Will be forever kept in our memories past.
We look to the future with hope in our hearts,
And pray for another whose loved one departs.
Be brave & stand firm when waters get rough,
Until the day comes when God says, "Enough"

This is dedicated to all who have suffered any great loss in your life.

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