Monday, August 29, 2011

Why does the government keep bailing out banks?

So it seems every day now, the talk is either about the stock market here or the stock market in Europe or how the stock market in Europe affects the stock market here. There are billionaires investing money in banks that are teeterting and yet the banks are benefitting by near 0% interest rates against loans, but the banks keep raising the interest rates on consumer credit loans and cards. Why doesn't the government start dishing out some of that big money to the consumers? If consumers pay off their debts, they could then start to spend more of their hard earned money from whatever jobs they have left.
We keep hearing how you should start your own business and jump start the economy. The economy could be jump started if there wasn't so much money wasted on frivolous expenditures by the banks and major corporations. Tell me, what CEO of a major business deserves a 2 million dollar bonus every year? Some money should be invested into a new grant or something that could allow consumers a way to pay off bills and start over without going through bankruptcy or the like.
It's just frustrating that the rich DO keep getting richer and it's our money that is making them rich.

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