Thursday, September 22, 2011

Are we in a Recession?

So I was listening to CNBC today and this guy comes on and says the US is not in a recession due to the fact that the current rate of job losses isn't on the rise. I find this hard to believe, in a way, and yet I can agree with him at the same time. Sure there hasn't been a rise in unemployment filings over the past several months. That's because everyone has already lost their job, and their unemployment benefits have run out and they are now resorting to criminal life.
With all the talk of creating new jobs, it sure seems like major companies in the US have totally hosed over everyone. Think of all the jobs that could be had here in the US if companies weren't outsourcing to other countries. People would probably kill for a customer service or call center job right now if it meant they could pay their bills and afford to eat meat for dinner again.

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