Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cell phones in restaurants

I am not a person who likes to complain....much. I guess one of my main gripes, are people who use cell phones in restaurants. I'm sure your Aunt Gertrude won't mind if you wait until dinner is over for you to call and ask how her gout is doing, right?
It's rude to use your cell phone in a restaurant for several reasons. One, your dinner companions may not want to hear your conversation with your wife, friends, or business clients while you are supposed to be visiting and/or working with them. Two, the other restaurant patrons who are within ear shot of your boring, loud, or otherwise intrusive conversation while THEY are trying to enjoy dinner with family or friends. Three, the servers, who while their job is to serve you food and drinks while you relax and enjoy, don't like coming back to tables constantly to attempt to take orders. You are wasting their time when they could be serving other customers, making them happy and receiving better tips. However, since you are a rude and obnoxious bore, making everyone around you listen to your call, delaying their otherwise good service because the server has to keep coming back to see if you are finished with your phone call so you can place an order, you ruin the experience of a nice meal.
All restaurants and dining establishments should ban all cell phone use by customers while inside the building. Make them go outside during any "important" calls that need to be made, and direct servers to not even go near a table if any of these guidelines are not followed.
What did people do before the invention of cell phones? Run to the pay phone as soon as they got inside the restaurant to call someone and then stay on the phone for 20 minutes, talking over everyone? No, they waited til they got home, picked up the phone and talked as long as they needed to.
In short, keep cell phones in your pockets or purse, on vibrate or even silenced while in eating establishments.
Don't disturb others with your inconsiderate behavior.

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