Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sharks bite? What?!?

So over the past couple weeks some unfortunate swimmers have been either bitten and or killed by sharks off the coast of Australia.....really? Who didn't see that coming? You are spearfishing off the coast of the Great White Shark capital of the world, and the families are pissed off because a shark killed someone. I got bad news for you people. You are in their home, swimming in their backyard, so to speak, with a dying fish, bleeding and writhing about on a spear. What did you think was going to happen? The shark swims over, takes a look and goes "Holy crap it's a human. I can't bite HIM!! That's just wrong" Idiots!! If you don't want to get bitten by a shark, don't go in the water!! Mankind doesn't own EVERYTHING, so you aren't entitled to everything.
You can swim but know this, if you go in the water, you run a risk of being bitten and either getting seriously hurt or dying. Deal with it. Now the Australian government is giving permission to people to go hunt for the shark that killed these people. Lame!! It's turning into the movie Jaws. There will be hundreds of morons trying to find one shark in an ocean of thousands of other sharks, animals who are running the risk of endangerment more and more every year. Leave the sharks alone or face the consequences!
Face facts. Sharks own the oceans, not you!!

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