Thursday, October 27, 2011

Amy Winehouse dies from alcohol poisoning...shocker

So the final coroner report came out and stated that Grammy Award winner Amy Winehouse died from acute alcohol poisoning. Hmmmm, I think something fishy is going on here. She died July 23rd and it took the coroner over 3 months to determine that? The guys who live under the rocks on the Geico commercials could have figured that out way sooner. The report shows the police found 3 empty vodka bottles in her apartment. You'd think they would test for that first wouldn't you?
The same report as shown on has a comment from Andrew Morris, Winehouse's (Ahem) body guard, who says she didn't "drink to get drunk". Really? Why did she drink, to solve the world hunger issue? The woman was a known drug abuser/alcoholic who has had several run ins with the law over the years for issues related to her being wasted. I'm sure most people don't drink to get drunk, it just kind of happens when you polish off a gallon of booze.
It's a shame that people continue to do stupid things and die from it and that the families of these people have to continue to live with it.

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