Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kim Kardashians divorce, and why they all suck

I don't know about any of you guys, but the whole Kim Kardashian divorce really threw me. Those two kids seemed so much in love, I thought it would last forever. The fairy tale $10 million dollar wedding, the $2 million dollar ring, the month long photo op, I mean the honeymoon. Gee 72 days, that may be an eternity in Hollywood to some. Really? 72 days? I've had gas that's lasted longer. (Maybe not something I should share)
I think the people of the United States and just about everywhere else for that matter are so bored and miserable with their own lives that they have to follow the bored and miserable lives of worthless non-celebrities likes the Kardashians. A family whose only real claims to fame are the step dad who was a super athlete back in 50's or something, a girl with a giant rear end who made a sex tape with another nobody, and a real father who's lifes work was getting a jury to let one of the countries most notorious murderer's go free.
So here we are so many years later, falling victim to the worst idea in the history of mankind, reality television. This just proves that people are so weak minded and lazy that the only ideas they can come up with are watching the rich and famous get more rich and more famous for doing absolutely nothing for humanity. So Kim is giving back $200 k to charity. Big whoop dee doo. People are making this family so rich and entitled by watching their TV shows, buying their perfumes and whatever else they are whoring themselves out to, and others who are sitting back and watching are paying a cable company to pipe this trash into your home.
Here is your 1% people. Occupy Hollywood and stop the Kardashian juggernaut. Boycott their shows, don't buy any magazines with their faces on them, stop buying their hawked products.
Ignore them now!! Don't be followers. End the madness!!

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