Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stop the Kardashians

Man am I mad. Someone else had the forethought to start a petition to get the Kardashians off of TV. If there was one thing that would make me happy, aside from a billion dollars, a house in the Maldives, and a weiner dog farm, this would be it. I'm so sick of seeing the bloated ego freaks everywhere anymore. It's pathetic that people even allow their families to watch their show(s). These people are about as appealing as the losers from the Jersey Shore. Follow this link and sign the petition. Make sure you log in at a less busy time. Supposedly the servers are so overwhelmed with people trying to sign, they are crashing. People, remember. Take it nice and slow in an orderly fashion. Sign the petition then log off. Let all sane humans have a chance to help get rid of the most annoying family since the Mansons.

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