Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weird survey. What do you do when you get on an elevator?

I live in a large apartment building and I ride the elevator at least twice a day. My office building also has an elevator and I ride that one even more. One thing that always gets me is how people react to being in an elevator. You have the people who get in and go as far to the back as possible or stand right in front of the door with their nose so close it could get caught. Then you have the people who either stare straight at the floor, the ones who stare straight at the floor change lights, or the small talk people who try to have a little banter in the closed in space to alleviate any uncomfortable moments. I realized that when I get in the elevator I tend to go to the back corner and put my head down and look at the floor unless there are others in the elevator then I try to speak and be cordial. I'm curious about others and how the act and what they do while riding the elevator. Leave a comment about how you act and what you do but please, no dirty stuff okay.

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