Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wild Animals on the loose in Ohio

The ones I feel sorry for the most here are the animals. They were probably kept illegally, treated poorly, and were scared out of their minds. It's too bad the owner shot himself, now he can't be charged with endangerment, the weapons charge he was accused of and I'm sure a whole slew of other things he could be put away for. This idiot had endangered species of animals living in cages and the police had to kill them. What a waste. The animals didn't do anything wrong but they are the ones who got punished. I grew up about 45 miles from Zanesville, OH. It's a really nice old town with a lot of history. Now the only thing it will be known for is the loser redneck piece of garbage who got a bunch of innocent animals killed.
Way to go douche rocket. I hope some wild animals get to feed on your carcass.

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