Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dancing with the Stars


So my wife and I are both really big fans of Dancing with the Stars, even though the use of the word "Star" is up for some serious debate. The issues I/We have developed over the years, however are making it hard to keep watching the show. First of all as I mentioned at the top is the term "Stars". Sure there have been some fairly recognizable names on the show over the years. Most notably, Donny and Marie Osmond, Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice, and a few others. If you look at the overall numbers though, a majority of these people are only famous for being "D" listers, semi-famous sports stars, Disney channel kids, or worse someone named Kardashian or The Situation.
The second issue is the way the show has turned into a popularity contest and not a dancing competition. Going back to Sabrina and Mark which I think were in Season 4 or 5, can't honestly remember. She was by far the best dancer on the show and was voted out after 3 weeks maybe? This pattern has continued the rest of the seasons down to now which leads me to this next little irritation. Why is Chaz Bono and Carson Kressly still on the show? In all honesty, they are horrible!!! The gay and lesbian community have pretty much locked up these two as future finalists with the way the home voting has been going. They sent home Kristin Cavalleri and Chynna Phillips, both were in the top tiers of scoring through the first four weeks of the show with Chaz and Carson scraping up the bottom of the barrel.
The show needs to change the voting procedures and take the upsets out of the hands of the home viewers and let the judges have the final say. The 3 judges should have a final tally of 51% of the voting. Granted, they are a bit biased at times but they are professionals and know what they are doing. No way should Bono or Kressly still be on the show. Stop stuffing the ballot boxes, and let the show get back to what it should be, a dancing competition.
I don't want a bunch of whining and complaining from anyone about this either. I'm not gay bashing anyone. I'm simply pointing out the obvious.

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