Thursday, July 7, 2011

New York Yankee fans are the worst........

So my father and I took in a baseball game a few days ago. My team was playing the New York Yankees, one of the most, if not THE most hated sports franchise in history. It's not so much that they have won so much as it is the obnoxiousness of their fans. Several Yankee fans sat behind us and constantly throughout the game yapped about the other team, the fans, the ballpark, the food, etc etc etc. The topper to this is that they have the most annoying accent ever. It's almost as bad as a Red Sox fan except without the attitude.
If a home team player didn't swing at a pitch, they started saying things like "Oh he's a lookuh" (looker i assumed). When my team got a hit thay started up with "Look at these loosahs, thay act like theya winnin"
what a bunch of stupids". Really, that's stupid to you? How about sounding like a bunch of wannabe Guidos from Jersey Shore? That's NOT stupid to you? I guess you couldn't handle it when the other team came back and beat you since we didn't hear another retarded word out of your mouths.
Yeah I guess we were "lookuh's". We were looking at our team send you morons home.
Hint: take voice lessons.

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