Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who are worse drivers....

So living in the Cleveland Ohio area can be a challenge if you drive a lot. Considering the city itself only has three sides, it just stands to reason that the highways would be packed all the time..and they are. This morning I got up at 5AM to go to work. There were a ton of people already on the road. Most of them driving like a bunch of idiots, like I need that first thing in the morning. What I can never figure out though, is who are worse drivers? Here are a few examples in no particular order.

1. Hillbillies/Rednecks
The year is 2011 and there are still plenty of people driving around with Southern flags flying in the back windows. What makes it worse is that they are weaving in and out of traffic on 4X4 frames and giant tires flicking cigarette butts out the windows. Looks like they are all going to meet up at the local truck pull.

2. People over the age of........Methuselah!!!
I'm all for people having rights, but people who are so old and shrunken that they can't see over the steering wheel scare the living %^@#& out of me. That and going about the speed of a glacier is enough to send you into cardiac arrest.

3. How do I say this....Women of color
I kid you not, one day while driving down the highway I got stuck behind a younger woman of a certain race, who was talking on her cell phone, putting on make up, and either singing or screaming, all while going about 50 miles per hour in the fast lane. I know a lot of women of any race who drive and put on make up at the same time, and that should be illegal in my mind. However, it seems that certain people do not understand the unwritten rules of the road while driving in the fast lane. If someone is behind you and they flash the bright lights at you, MOVE OVER!! Don't hog the road and flip them the bird like they are making you do something under protest or that will make you look weak. It's just a courtesy.

4. My mom
I love her to death, but dear lord, she is a bad driver. She can't remember where her false teeth are most of the time, why does she still have a drivers license?

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